Aqtushetii is thrilled to unveil its late Autumn and Winter/Early Spring residencies, promising a unique and unforgettable experience for artists across various disciplines. This is a rare chance to immerse yourself in the wild and stunning highlands of Tusheti, a region accessible only by helicopter when the roads close in late October.

We welcome applications from individuals in all creative disciplines: visual and sound arts, music, philosophy, writing, anthropology, filmmaking, photography, science, and more.

About Tusheti in Winter:
In mid-autumn, as the weather turns harsh, most Tushetians migrate to the lowlands of Alvani in Kakheti, leaving behind their homes and businesses. Only a few locals, known as Tushura’i’s, stay to guard the villages through the winter. With the roads closed until spring, helicopter travel is the only way to reach this remote area.

Scheduled to begin in November, the residency will consist of six 30-day periods:

14 November – 13 December
13 December – 11 January
11 January – 9 February
9 February – 10 March
10 March – 8 April
8 April – 7 May

The limited number of slots ensures an intimate experience, allowing artists to truly connect with the stunning natural surroundings of Tusheti.

To secure your place among the four artists selected for this winter residency, all that is required is a CV/Bio, portfolio, and brief cover letter expressing your interest and passion for the opportunity. You can submit your information to

Aqtushetii looks forward to welcoming you to this unique residency.

Duration of residency

30 Days


Accommodation (in capsule dormitories)

Catering: breakfast and two large meals per day
Access to all facilities and spaces within the building

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

People working in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: visual and sound arts, music, philosophy, writing, anthropology, science, and more.

Studio / Workspace

We offer 5 co-working spaces with several tables and working corners, a library that can accommodate several people to work on their own with desks, a photographic dark room, a pottery wheel, a raku kiln, a wood-fired kiln, a professional sound system, 2 projectors, gallery space, sound recording studio [inc. microphones, Genelec monitors, sound card, electric piano, acoustic drum kit, mixer, organ, Georgian folk instruments, various percussion], vinyl library of Georgian music, cassette dubbing deck, CDR burner, welding tools, woodworking tools, metal working tools, knitting machine, sewing machine, rug weaving looms.

Fees and support

The total cost of each period is 2000 Euros.

Price includes:

– Helicopter Flight Telavi-Omalo-Telavi

– Accommodation (in capsule dormitories)

– Catering: breakfast and two large meals per day

– Access to all amenities  

Expectations towards the artist

During their stay, each resident should make a presentation / exhibition / workshop on what they are researching/working on. A selection of artists and musicians will also have the opportunity to exhibit and perform live in our sister-spaces in Tbilisi. Artists are encouraged to contribute to the permanent collection/archive of the residency with their work if and where possible.

Application information

Artists are expected to contribute to our residency by holding talks, giving presentations,and/or donating part of their art to our permanent archive/exhibition. It is important thatresidents are willing and ready to share knowledge and collaborate with others.