Botanical Art Workshop

The 10-day Botanical Art Workshop is an immersive program designed for plant enthusiasts seeking to deepen their understanding of the plant kingdom and master plant preservation techniques. Set amidst the pristine beauty of the remote Tusheti mountains, this intensive workshop offers a unique opportunity for creative exploration and inspiration.
The workshop, scheduled from July 13th to July 22nd, will be held at the Aqtushetii Residency in Omalo, Tusheti. Participants will delve into the art and science of creating herbariums, with a primary focus on the unique flora of the Tusheti region.
Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover the following key areas:

Understanding the Basics: Participants will gain insight into the life cycles of plants and the particularities that influence the preservation process.

Collection Techniques: Strategies for ethically and effectively collecting a diverse range of plant species will be taught, ensuring a sustainable approach to botanical exploration.

Preservation Methods: Differentiation of plant parts and specific techniques for drying each component will be covered, providing participants with the skills needed to create high-quality herbarium specimens.

Artistic Arrangement: An introduction to the botanical arts will explore the artistry behind arranging herbariums, allowing participants to capture the beauty of their surroundings through this ancient preservation method.

Tool and Technique Sharing: Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from one another, exploring a variety of tools and techniques for assembling herbariums.

Color Selection and Matching: Guidance on color selection and matching with different plant materials will be provided, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of participants’ creations.

The workshop will be led by the founders of Herbaria

The cost of the workshop is 900 euros and includes:

– transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi
– accommodation (in capsule dormitories)
– catering: a light breakfast and two large meals per day 
–  participants will be provided with the material and the necessary equipment.  


To apply please send your information to


Deadlines will close once all 6 available spots are filled

We’re looking forward to your applications!