Aqtushetii Residency is hosting a 6 day workshop in Astrophotography from July 14th to July 19th. The workshop will be led by Lasha Ebitashvili.The workshop will start with theoretical lectures about the origins and the importance of astrophotography, its techniques, requirements for proper setup, shooting, and how to edit material afterward.

Practice, Part I – set up of the technique (tripod, equatorial mount, telescope, camera), proper attachment of wires, the alignment of the telescope, connecting the system to specific software (Maxim DL), shooting/collecting material for processing.
The process will be stretched out over two days and repeated twice.

Practice, Part II – Working on the material in software (Pixinsight; Adobe Photoshop). Editing entails all the steps that are required for working with the ‘raw material’. For instance: processing already existing material, cutting out the unnecessary frames, and integration i.e. stacking and correcting the final material.

In the theoretical part, the workshop facilitator will talk about how to choose stellar objects according to the year’s seasons. And, with the technical abilities (such as the telescope specs and an Astro camera) show which objects will be possible to be captured.

Duration of residency

6 days


The residents will be accommodated at our site, which offers capsule beds in dormitories, showers, a dining area, and several terraces.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

The residency is open to both professionals and enthusiasts. The residency will provide technical assistance and equipment.

Studio / Workspace

Four (shared) art studio spaces, outdoor (undercover) working spaces, a photographic darkroom, a gallery space, library.

Fees and support

350 Euros all-inclusive
This all-in price includes:
–  transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi
–  5 nights accommodation (in capsule dormitories)
–  6 days of catering: a light breakfast and two large meals per day

Expectations towards the artist

During their stay, each participant should make a presentation/exhibition/workshop on what they are researching/working on. Artists are encouraged to contribute to the permanent collection/archive of the residency with their work if and when possible.

Application information

To apply please send your information to aqtushetii@gmail.com