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Crossing into the Electric Magnetic 

2023 – August 16-30

Crossing into the Electric Magnetic is a two-week workshop in experimental electronic music practice taking place at the AqTushetii Artist Residency, Omalo, Republic of Georgia. The workshop is open for sound makers and enthusiasts at any level, working in both analogue and digital media. In AqTushetii’s studios and around the unique highland region of Tusheti, musicians Olle Holmberg and Scott McCulloch will facilitate collaborative sessions, moving through historical and theoretical studies of the sonic Avant-Garde, alongside hands-on techniques such as field recording, (Deep/Undeep) Listening, collective free-improvisations and experiments, electroacoustic media, musique concrete, sound collage, and cassette tape loop cutting. In the final session, all participants will perform or present a finished or work-in-progress composition that applies the techniques explored during the workshop.

The workshop is open to all who demonstrate an interest in the directions of the workshop. No musical or technical experience is necessary. Spaces are limited.

The workshop will consist of two sessions per day, each lasting between one and three hours, for a total of ten days. After each session, participants will have some time to work independently or in groups, with one-on-one tailored assistance from the organizers, to prepare for the final presentation.

The topics covered during the event will fall under the following themes, and may include:

  • Field recording and microphones
  • Tape manipulation and loops (hands-on)
  • Experimental and avant-garde music techniques and history
  • Deep listening and sound meditation
  • Synthesizers, synthesis, modular, and audio coding (max/msp)
  • Microtonality and just intonation
  • Sound editing, wave editors, and spectral editing
  • Experimental music arrangement and DAWs


On the final 4 days of the event, participants will present their work. The event aims to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for those interested in experimental music and sound art.

On a typical day, breakfast will be served from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, followed by the first session. Lunch will be served from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and the second session will follow. Dinner will be served at 7:00 pm.


Package 1: 10 days – 750 Euros
Package 2: 10 days tuition + 4 nights extra studio time and to participate in the final performance – 950 Euros
Price includes:– transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi
– accommodation (in capsule dormitories)
– catering: a light breakfast and two large meals per day
– participants will be provided with the material 

Application Information:

The course is open to both sound artists and enthusiasts 

To apply please send your information to aqtushetii@gmail.com