About Us:

AqTushetii is a residence program that fosters the arts, culture, history, and traditions of Tusheti while bringing together creatives from around the world to collaborate, create, and share knowledge


Mission Statement:

AqTushetii is a DIY ‘self-organised’ exchange platform. This flexible system tries to resist hierarchy and incite experimentation, in a hospitable environment that fosters autonomy towards each person that takes part. While some events are pre-organised by the co-founders of the residence, most of the happenings of the space/s are decided upon and produced by the residents themselves. Each person who steps into AqTushetii is encouraged to contribute back to the building somehow – the form and shape this takes is entirely up to the resident. This is made possible by the material and human resources available on site. If you want to see something happen: make it happen, and make it possible for others to do so too: e.g. if you need help setting up a projector or the sound for a talk you want to put on that evening; or could use a hand moving a table or installing something, etc. – ask around and do it. The residents of the building are there to help you just as you are there to help them. It is through this ethos that the building functions and produces interesting scenarios and content.